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Legends is the working title of a new game, currently in prototype state. It merges ideas from SpellMaster, BattleMaster, Might&Fealty and a couple others.

The game is an entirely narrative-driven world creation and world history system. Players take the roles of gods, immortals or super-powerful magicians, whatever your personal take is. Through the writing of legends, they can create and shape the world and its history.

This time, I mean it with the player-generated content. The game starts with an entirely empty map and a creation myth. Every continent, every mountain range, every river, empire, city, king and hero, every culture and religion, every magical artifact - literally everything in the game will be created by players.


This board serves as the testing ground for the manual pre-alpha test. In this test, I want to validate the basic game concepts. Everything will be done manually, no code exists yet to automate anything. Later in development, much of the game will be automated so that it scales to many players and doesn't require a constantly active GM to run. Nevertheless, due to the scope of the game and the free-form style, which allows players to do literally anything, a GM will always be there to implement player actions not covered by game mechanics.

During the test, the board is visible to all, but content can only be added by test players. I have recruited a few longstanding players. If you are not among them but want to join, contact me by e-mail. This goes especially to all the old SpellMaster players that I missed or whose e-mail addresses have changed. Your input would be most valuable.
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