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Influence and Control
« Topic Start: December 21, 2017, 11:19:46 AM »
Councils (but not individual immortals) can build Influence and take Control of Creations.


Gaining influence is an effect, with a cost of the amount of influence points gained, squared (e.g. gain 4 influence = 16 Prime). The influence share of a council is simply (your influence points / sum of all influence points) - example, A has 6 influence, B has 3 and C has 1, then A has 60%, B has 30% and C has 10%. This has two effects. Firstly, it is much cheaper to build up influence slowly, over time, than rapidly or at once. Secondly, the more everyone invests in the same creation, the more costly it becomes for everyone to increase their influence share.

Losing influence happens through deterioration over time. The exact formula is still to-be-determined.


If a council has at least 2/3rd of the total influence, at at least 10 points more than the 2nd most, it can take control. This is an effect with a flat 1 Prime cost (the actual cost is in raising influence to this level).

Controlled creations can only be introduced into and exeunted from stories by members of the controlling council. While part of a story, they can be used normally, by everyone.

Influence deteriorates twice as fast for the controlling council, but is twice as expensive to buy for others.

If the controlling council falls to less than 50%, any other council with at least 25% can contest the control, another effect with a flat 1 Prime cost, removing the control.

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