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Author Topic: Communal Creation Myth  (Read 717 times)


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Communal Creation Myth
« Topic Start: December 22, 2017, 02:55:56 PM »
Shall we work out a creation myth together?

Ideas so far:

Quote from: Tom-Tempus
"Pah, Youngsters!", the ancient being thought to itself upon opening his eyes on yet another universe. He had been through more than one already, starting his life as a mere mortal and later becoming a powerful mage, powerful enough to survive the end of the world and be reborn as a god into the next one. Maybe there had been others beyond that, maybe even many? His memory was not what it used to be, a side-effect of achieving immortality late in mortal life.

His resentment of basically everyone and everything else had clung with him through his incarnations.

Tempus looked around, and the world was barren.

"Really? They can't even get the most simply things done before waking an old man?"

Someone in the last universe had called him "grumpy". He had shown him what grumpy looks like.

Quote from: Lapallanch-Astalos
From the dark void between the thousand fires, a powerful being gained consciousness. The being existed even before the time of creation but it came to recognize itself as a singular entity not as a part of the greater whole until now. To distinguish itself from the whole it separated from, it gave itself a name 'Astalos'. Upon its naming, Astalos felt a strange attraction far from its place of awakening. Astalos parted itself from the void and began its journey toward the place which attracted its very being.

Quote from: Jaune-Kalma
There was a huge egg which bursted out from sun. Time passed and egg was circling around the Sun. One day egg hatched out and pale skinned man came out from it. Egg shell pieces fell down to the sea, creating islands.

Sun was burning his pale skin. He started to look for cover from sun.

His name was Kalma, bastard Son of the Sun.

Quote from: Andrew-Solarus
Long and complex, better to link to it:,8131.0.html

Quote from: CryptCypher-Apsu
From the Void burst forth a Song of Dreamers, so now as infinitely before. Infinity bore the Seed of Creation's Womb, whose tireless chant churned the primeval sea of nothingness to coalesce dreaming gods and spirits without form. Of the Dreamers who bore the Songs of Creation, echoes of a Time before Time, Apsu was but One Voice among the Many. In a place beyond places, in the house of cosmic waters, dead Dreamers lay waiting. They who sang Creation into being, They who gave form unto the formless, whose ceaseless chant conferred dimension unto limitless Void. And so Apsu <We/They/Dreamer(s)> churned, and chanted, among the Countless and the Ceaseless, the gods and spirits beyond infinity by whose dreaming would coalesce existence once more.

If we draw parallels between our concepts, perhaps we may begin fleshing out a rudimentary creation myth, or series of myths. Some of us seem to be going for the long-game, more of a universal-scale "In the Beginning", while others like Kalma are focusing on the more short term solar-system. No reason you can't do both, or any number of segments in the logical sequence of {multiverse-/} void - creation (universe) - expansion - nebulae - stars - worlds - life.

Raw example of such sequential breakdown:
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