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Author Topic: Vyorzgull  (Read 1052 times)


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« Topic Start: December 28, 2017, 02:42:35 PM »
He knew his name...But he did not know his purpose nor what he was or when and how he came into being. For so long he has been drifting aimlessly into the endless void.

Until he noticed something that caught his interest. In his travels he saw the stars burning like eternal lighthouses into the dark sea of the void and the countless lifeless worlds, some no more than barren rocks. But this world... He can sense something that cannot be ignored. He sensed life. He sensed thoughts, other beings, he sensed consciousness.

Vyorzgull approaches, carefully, yet impatient... Things start to make sense now, Vyorzgull thinks to himself. After all this time, he is suddenly aware of his powers and of all the possibilities they bring to him.

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