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The Story Process
« Topic Start: January 03, 2018, 03:22:25 AM »
Let's see if i have this right:

1. If I want to start a new story to tell about something, I stat a new thread on the Work In Process board, with a name like "The first Horse, Chapter 1" or something.
2. I write a bit about it, listing the cost of the things I do, if necessary.
3. Other people can comment, asking for clarification. I update the original post as required.
4. After 3 days (?) comments stop and we vote.
5. If 2/3rds agree, it is approved and moved to Legends of the World board. Otherwise, revise and try again in a new thread?
6. After Chapter 1 is done, we can start Chapter 2 in the same way? We have to wait for Chapter 1 to be done before we start posting Chapter 2? Who starts the next chapter, the same person, or anyone?

I think we can add to a Chapter started by someone else, right? So if I wanted to create horses, and I was here when Zakky started his chapter Animals and Men, I could have added on my own part to that, right? That way I don't need a whole new story just to make some horses.
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Re: The Story Process
« Reply #1: January 03, 2018, 06:57:01 AM »
1-3 correct

4 - comments don't stop, but voting begins. In the forum test these two phases are less clearly seperated. In the full game, for example you can't edit the chapter anymore once voting started.

5 - yes, but you can revise only once, and after that a simple majority is enough. And you can try again in the same thread.

6 - the bidding-for-next-chapter is impossible to implement in the forum, so for the alpha test, basically whoever wants starts the next chapter. That is one reason for keeping the number of players low. The author of the next chapter has to be a different person, it cannot be the same person.