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Creation Myth: Animals and Men
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Astalos flew over its creation watching over the vast brown that was pulled from the bottom of the vast blue. Due to being forcefully pulled out from the depth, Ardein was bleeding red  in various places. Red shores turned brown and black as they met crashing blue, creating steam to fog the shorelines. The view was seen differently in Astalos' eyes. In its eyes, earth it pulled from the depth was impure. It was already mixed with air and fire. They were simply trapped and were surrounded by earth.

Upon touching water, trapped elements were released and were mixed with water. Unlike the time when Astalos' body was created, it was more violent. Fire lifted water and mixed it with air while water pulled fire out of earth. Air broke free of earth leaving holes in earth. It all happened at once and to Astalos it looked like elements were dancing together. This mesmerizing view made Astalos stretch its right fingers to reach for it, touching the elements with its purity unconsciously[Create Life, 5 purity].

The elements gathered quickly around purity and formed a black sphere which continued to absorb elements around it. It pulsed like a beating heart and started to radiate heat. Astalos watched as the sphere grew from a pebble to a mountain. After a week, the sphere stopped growing and began to crack. Cracks spread until finally a chunk broke off from the bottom of the sphere.

On the first day, large chunks broke off from the sphere and formed large animals. They quickly moved away from the sphere and spread throughout the land
On the second day, top of the sphere broke apart and formed birds. They too flew away from the sphere and spread across the land.
On the third day, waves that were hitting the sphere broke a large portion close to the sea. The larger pieces became whales while smaller pieces became smaller fishes to fill the vast ocean.
On the fourth day, a strong wind carved bits off of the sphere all day. Small grain sized pieces broke off from the sphere and formed insects which rode the wind to spread far and wide.
On the fifth day, the sphere cooled and started to harden. Astalos watched the sphere all day but nothing happened. When the sphere stopped beating, Astalos tabbed the sphere with its fingertip and a tiny portion of prime entered the sphere which made the sphere beat once again.[Create Hero, 1 prime]
On the sixth day, from the spot where Astalos' fingertip touched, a crack formed. From the crack a man emerged. He began to pull more people from the sphere. However, unlike the first man who came out of the sphere on his own, people who were pulled from the sphere collapsed and panted heavily on the ground. They simply watched as the first man pulled more humans from the sphere. As more humans were pulled out of the sphere, it shrunk and when it reached a human size, it simply became another human. The first man who pulled others out of the sphere walked around, helping people stand on their two feet.

Over two weeks, led by the first man, they built a small settlement which they named it 'Lerikion'[Create Place, 1 prime] after the first man who named himself 'Lerikhir'.[/color]
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