Author Topic: Bones of the World: Chapter 1  (Read 1249 times)


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Bones of the World: Chapter 1
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Had she been more capable of thought, perhaps a better solution might have been found.  Had she been less-crippled, perhaps her effort would have gathered together all four of the...Elements...and restored them.


But the agony of imbalance flaring through her was too great, her mind reeling as she writhed deep beneath the...Earth...and only three were brought together, bound with her own blood.  It was not the beauty, the eternal truth of Prime, but it soothed like a balm.

Fire, melting earth.  Earth, running like water.  Water, burning like fire.  And thus did the bones and body of the world gain veins [Create Lava, 3 Purity]+[Create Ore Veins, 3 Purity].  Hidden deep, far from the air.  And Quaranis wept in relief at the diminishment of her pain.  Her tears scattered throughout the veins [Create Gemstones, 1 Purity] as she wept for an unguessable time, lending their brittle beauty to the new blood of the world.

For a time, that was enough.

For a time.
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