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<The Shapers of the First Continent - Chapter 1>

Astalos' journey came to an end when it reached a blue sphere. It was the place which  attracted it since its awakening. The sphere was full of water but Astalos could see the earth underneath the body of water.

It was the first time Astalos was in contact with all four elements at once. It was very strange to see all the elements in such close proximity from each other.

Astalos originally was going to leave after finding out the source of the strange attraction but witnessing the elements working in such a strange harmony intrigued it greatly. It was confused by the thought of feeling intrigued as it had never felt such thing before. After all, it was simply a part of the whole up until recently. It could not understand something it had felt for the first time and was frustrated by the uncertainty of this new found feeling. When it became too overwhelming for Astalos, it looked around to let its frustration out. It wielded its power to pull the element of earth underneath the ocean to break the harmony of the elements which caused strange feelings it could not understand.

Astalos felt the element of earth bending before its power but its power was not enough to rip the element completely apart from others. In fact it was only enough to pull a large portion of the earth closer to the element of air. The earth stabilized and formed a large flat land that stretched from where Astalos was floating to the end of the horizon.[Create Continent, 5 Purity]

Dazzled by the change it made, Astalos came down from the sky to touch what it had just pulled from the bottom of the ocean. Some parts of the element were softer while other parts were harder. Astalos sat on the nearby where the element of earth felt more condensed to touch the element for the first time. Upon touching the earth, Astalos was engulfed by the elements around it, gaining itself a physical form. The element of earth formed its body, fire its eyes, water its veins, and air its voice. With its newly created body, Astalos spoke for the first time.[Create Physical Form, 1 Prime]


The word was carried by the element of air across the world and later became the name for the continent Astalos stood on.
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<The Shapers of the First Continent - Chapter 2> By Indirik

That which was Reis wandered the newly created continent of Ardein. It was vast and wide. Reis would need help to explore such a place.

An exercise of will caused that help to exist. It had wings to carry it fast and far. Bright eyes to see all that could be seen. Keen ears, to hear all that could be heard. Piercing claws with which to defend itself, and a sharp beak with which it could capture prey for sustenance. Unto it, Reis bequeathed the name "Shuran". [Create Hero: 1 Prime] Shuran flew far and wide, collecting the knowledge of the lands of Ardein.

Reis and Shuran explored all the lands of Ardein. To the most memorable, Reis bestowed names. In the far southeast was a lofty mountain of sheer cliffs upon which Shuran rested and surveyed the surrounding land. Upon this mighty peak, Reis bestowed the name Shuran's Perch. (Create Mountain: 1 Purity)

From a glacier-fed lake, high in the central mountain range flowed a fast, wild river that cut a chasm deep into the flanks of the mountain. The river Reis name the White Rush for its headlong flight over a riverbed strewn with jagged rocks. (Create River: 1 Purity) The chasm, with walls so high and narrow that light rarely, if ever, touched the bottom, disturbed Reis greatly. It was named the Dark Rift, and shunned by all. (Create Valley/Canyon: 1 Purity; Feature Feared/Shunned: 1 Prime)

When the continued influx of new experiences and new knowledge became too great, Reis retreated into a vast evergreen forest in the north. Reis caused the forest to be covered in a blanket of unending snow so that none would disturb its rest. (Create Forest: 1 Purity) Over time, the unmelting snow would bring the forest the well-earned, if unimaginative, name of the Frozen Pines.


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Blood pumped.

Metals flowed out, molten rock poured back.  As Quaranis calmed, she began observing.  Considering.


Her first conscious efforts were small, tentative.  The many-colored gemstones of her tears were beautiful, but...Isolated.  She could do better.  Combining the colors, swirling star-stuff into them, she brought forth diamonds.

She was so pleased with her success that she was took stock of what else she could do.  Her precious lava and glorious metals were much, much better than the pure earth that had existed before, and she wrapped it around every inch of herself.  But a nagging itch (she reveled in it only being an itch, rather than the grinding agony of before) presented itself.  She had gathered the flow of water, the heat of fire, and the solidity of earth...But had none of air.

She tried calling the air to her.  Cracks formed above her, but let in only water.  Air pockets and bubbles formed in the earth nearby, but were quickly consumed or befouled.  Bringing the air to her seemed doomed.

But what of bringing her creations to the air?

She gathered, and built.  Magma gathered around her in a vast flood.  And she pushed.


The sea boils.  Water and lava meet in a vast explosion of steam.  Rock hardens in vast tubes, blooming across the emptiness [Create archipelago: 3 Purity].  And for one grand moment Quaranis blossomed in fire and glory into the air, her blood reverberating with the near-Primal union of the elements once more.

And then...Quaranis learned of gravity.

And everything fell.

Thus the Keahi Archipelago was born.
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Shapers of the First Continent - Chapter 4

Bored by the sight of the settlement, Vyorzgull decides to head North West, beyond White Rush, to explore the continent further. He reaches a large forest which he will later find out it's called Mardogan's Bounty (create forest, 1 purity), populated by savage beasts of all shapes and kinds. Lying close to the forest there was another human monument of dirt, boulders and wood works, called Mardogan (create settlement, 1 Prime), which claimed the forest as it's own.

Vyorzgull's pilgrimage continues east to the Iron Kettle mountain (create mountain, 1 purity), named after it's rich iron deposits and the cauldron like depression filled with water at the top. Travelling further south he ends up stopping near the forest of Lakewood (create forest, 1 purity). West of it, like a wall against the sea, lies a mountain range called Ilhdun's Wall (Who the hell is Ilhdun?, Vyorzgull thought to himself)(create mountain range, 1 purity).