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The Color Green - Chapter 1, 2
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(By Loren)
When the earth had separated itself from the water, and the air from them both to fly high in the sky, and above them all the fires of the heavens, the oceans were dark and hard with white capped waves that crashed against the dull grey and brown mottled rocks of the earth. The air would sometimes dance with the fires in the sky and create fantastic yellows and reds and purples that would streak across the wondrous blue that reflected the color of the ocean. Yet there was no green in all the world for it had yet to know it could exist.

Riding down a pillar of fire to a place where the sea and the earth meet came the Nameless Wanderer. Now where the pillar touched down, there happened to be a reddish brown metal baked into the rocks and so hot was the flame of the heavens that bore the wanderer to the new world that it caused the rock to catch alight with newfound flame. But unlike any other flame in all of existence, this one burned green!

So great was the delight of the wanderer at this spectacle that he leaped for joy into the air in great bounds, bringing with him the spray of the sea, and the burning rocks of the land into the sky with him for all the world to see. With outstretched arm he plucked from the heavens the yellows and oranges and reds, and created the first of all rainbows. However, now that it existed the color green had no place to go and this deeply saddened the wanderer, and so he swept up as much of this first green that he could and he packed it tightly, smaller than any mortal eye could ever see and spread it down upon the surface of the earth wherever the sea, the earth, and the sky met. And there did it grow and multiply, spreading across the lands as a blanket of verdant color, and so too did it slip into the shallows of the seas where light still trickles down to the sandy bottom. For this was the first combination of the elements and there was nothing to hold back its exuberance, save the need for the warmth of the fires of heaven, the nourishing water of the seas, and the stable bedrock of the earth.
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Re: The Color Green
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Chapter 2

So much to explore. So much to experience. The endless mountains and plains. Valleys and rifts. Cold, frigid mountain lakes flowing down winding rivers into wide oceans. Ocean surf pounding rocky shores into gentle beaches.

Reis reveled in it all. The exploration and the knowing. Always the knowing. Soon that exploration revealed something new that had not been there before. It was ... green. It spread at a prodigious pace, and soon nearly covered all of Ardein. Only the loftiest, frozen heights such as Shuran's Perch remained almost pure white. Even the less mighty peaks had some scraggly evergreens that clawed their way up their steep flanks.

Reis loved the green in all of its forms. Exploration of this new green took much of Reis attention. However, Reis knew that something was lacking. Exploration and knowing would be much more rewarding if there was more variation in things to explore. That would provide more things to be known. And much exploration would be needed to seek it all out. This idea pleased Reis.

But how should this be done? The new green was wonderful. Perhaps it should be mixed with other colors as well. That would be fitting. Colors mixed with other colors. Reis drew upon the knowledge gathered during the endless exploration. Here was the blue of the ocean. There was the red of the fires at the heart of the world. The white of the purest snows. The yellow of the sun. The oranges and purples of the sunsets. And more. So many more.

Reis wrapped these colors in the green. Taught the green to make these, and then released them upon the world. (Create Flowers: 3 Purity) The new colors spread rapidly, and multiplied. They could soon be found almost everywhere on land and at sea. The multitude of the new colors was and endless fascination for all who beheld it. To Reis' further enjoyment, some would devote their whole life to the cultivation of these colors, and create new variations with great vigor and dedication.
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