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Summary: install in game alerts for adventurers in the presence of special people (wizards, sages)

Details: if you enter a region, be told immediately if there is a special person present. Similarly if you start the turn with one in your region (whether they just moved there or not). Essentially if you could see them by going to the Quest page, you should be alerted.

Benefits: Wizards and sages play a huge part in the adventurer day to day. If you travel a lot, you can miss out on finding them (unless you visit the Quest page every region).  The turn highlights where they are, or have been recently; this alert is purely to stop you having to resort to the Quest page every time, to see if one is present.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: this is purely informational, and nothing you couldn't find out by visiting the quest page, but it's frustrating to miss them if you aren't paying close attention(and you shouldn't have to). I doubt anyone would mind being told there are these people present.
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Re: Adventurer alerts for special people
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Helps especially when on mobile. So easy to miss vital info. Damn you, scroll-bar!
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