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The Seeker Council: Chapter 5
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Reis considered what the first being said. A request for cooperation? It had included that third being, the one that had landed on the opposite side of the rift, in the request as well. Could beings such as they work together to accomplish this?

Reis tentatively reached out toward the power in the rift. The power emanating from it was unmistakable. From this close, it was impossible to mistake it for anything other than the very power that was used to manipulate the world. Perhaps not the reality-warping power that could raise mountains and create life. But this was still power. And it contained an echo of that other power within it. Perhaps you couldn't use this to raise mountains. But if you could concentrate it enough... Or perhaps concentrate wasn't quite the right word. Multiply? Synergize?

It would take some experimentation to determine how it could work. And Reis was certain that it *could* work. But first they had to control it. Reis was certain that this first being was correct. No one being could hope to control this on their own. It would take cooperation. Three? It had suggested three. It might work.

"Yes. I will ... help. The three of us may be able to control it enough to release the power trapped within. To control it, so it may be used."

Reis reached out with the power contained within itself toward the first being that was on the same side of the rift. It was not a reaching out in a physical sense. It was an extension of power intended to allow the two of them to establish a joint control over the source in the rift.

Reis looked over to address the third being that had arrive, the one on the other side of the rift.

"Will you join with us? Perhaps with three, we may be able to gain control and learn to harvest the energy contained within."
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Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 5
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I'm leaving this without polls, but I think once you three consider a chapter accepted, you should move the thing to LotW.