Author Topic: The Seeker Council: Chapter 6  (Read 2280 times)


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The Seeker Council: Chapter 6
« Topic Start: January 18, 2018, 01:57:13 AM »
Astalos took its eyes off from the ground to see the cloud. Then slowly moved its eyes back to the ground to look at the being of lava. It nodded to the both as it could feel that none of them could even get near the crevasse alone. Even two did not seem enough. But perhaps three could.

The being of lava, Quanaris, and the being of cloud, Reis, sought the leaking prime and so did Astalos. Its new peers had already poured their power to reach for the prime and it added its strength to aid their effort.

When its power met with its new peers, it felt strangely connected to the other two. It was a strange yet familiar feeling. It was what Astalos had yearned for since its birth. Its wish to become whole again. Although it was not as perfect as it had wished for, it could feel that it became a part of something bigger.

At that moment, Astalos knew the crevasse, the very source of prime, could no longer stop them from claiming it.


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Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 6
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Seems good enough to me, this would secure the Prime source for the council.