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Re: Turin's return
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My Fellow Lurians,

I am writing to announce that I am running for the seat of Emperor. Though I have not long been a Lurian I have come to understand your ways and values and promise to abide by them. Honor, meritocracy, open discourse, religious freedom and tolerance, these I can swear by the Blood Stars to uphold, and to one with a faith such as mine any pact made in the name of the stars is sacrosanct. 

In a different life I was ruler of Iashalur. I forged the realm from the ruins of old Niselur amidst wild beasts and revenants. I know what it is to govern a realm at constant war with rogues seeking ever to reclaim its lost lands. 

Finally I will add that I have become your countryman at the Emperor's personal request, such is the faith and esteem he has for me. In truth I do hope he is found alive and well before the voting takes place, but we cannot run an empire on hope alone.

Turin Erickson
Knight of Askileon Purlieus
Priest of Sanguis Astroism