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Re: Turin's return
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In the midst of so many other happenings I have something astounding to report.

I sail now on the Channel of Gelene. I arose at dawn when the Blood Stars were still visible and made my way above deck. There I saw Severina meditating at the bow her dutiful guards at her side as always. The pleasant sight made me smile, but then something seemed amiss. The prophetess' shoulders began to shake, first faintly then in violent convulsions. I ran to the bow and knelt beside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she thrashed back and forth. I seized her in my hands, cried her name. Then her eyes snapped back, but pupils were as pinpricks. She leaned to my ear and whispered:

"The withered vine must grow green again,
and from it will sprout many fruits,
of different shapes,
but all red as blood.
The children will come, eat of them and grow strong"

She said this and collapsed into my arms. She slept for some time but is well now. I believe this was her first prophecy.