Author Topic: Chapters with prime source  (Read 1827 times)


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Chapters with prime source
« Topic Start: January 11, 2018, 01:19:56 AM »
The title might be misleading. What I wanted to ask was what happens if nobody writes about the prime source that was found earlier in the overall story? Just like that prime source that was found in chapter 1 of city states. I think 1 legend can have up to 5 chapters was it? If people ignore the prime source, can someone open up a new legend focused on the prime source? Also do you have to dedicate a whole new legend to claim the prime source? What happens if your rivals don't want to see your council take the prime source so constantly reject your chapter over and over?


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Re: Chapters with prime source
« Reply #1: January 11, 2018, 02:35:23 AM »
I would think that there would have to be some logic to rejecting a story line. Continually voting no without being able to articulate why would be wide open for abuse. This game seems to be aimed at those who are willing to working together to create a good cooperative story. If you vote no without being able to put a good reason behind it, that should be reason for your votes to eventually start being discarded from the tally.

Also, if the people writing the story ignore the prime source, then it is fair game for other players.
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Re: Chapters with prime source
« Reply #2: January 11, 2018, 03:59:46 PM »
There is no rule limit to the number of chapters in a story. It ends when someone writes a closing chapter, but it needs to have at least 3 chapters before it can be closed.

The prime source is part of the world. It is currently active in the story in which it was discovered. If nobody writes about it, then whenever the story closes, all creations etc that are active inside it automatically become available again.

And yes, in the final version of the game, you can't just vote no without giving a reason, so abuse will be quite obvious.