Author Topic: The Seeker Council: Chapter 2  (Read 1983 times)


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The Seeker Council: Chapter 2
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Reis felt a sudden awareness of power. The power had not suddenly appeared, the "awareness" of it had appeared. It felt familiar, like the power that Reis had sometimes used. The creation of Shuran had been accomplished with this power, and the use of it had somehow lessened Reis. It seemed to return of its own accord, but slowly. That had inspired caution, as Reis did not know where the power came from, or how to get more of it.

But here was more. Much more. And Reis wanted it.

Quickly, Reis journeyed toward that power.

A giant crevasse had opened in one of the human towns. Tascrig, the town was called. The crevasse had split the town neatly down the center. At the bottom of the crevasse, those glowing stones, that is where the power lay. But something else had made it there first.

At the side of the crevasse stood a massive, rocky form. It looked vaguely like a human, if one imagined a human made of molten, glowing rock. It had a head, and arms, but no legs. Where the legs should have been was a solid trunk.

To be polite, Reis took a form as well. A shimmering, amorphous cloud formed in the air near, but not threateningly near, the rocky figure. Two cold, blue eyes glowed from within the cloud. The eyes looked down into the crevasse, then toward the rocky being.

"The power down there. It feels familiar. I have used it before, but I do not know what it is. Is it ... yours?"
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