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If you are interested in becoming a Magistrate, you can apply here. Yes, in public.

You must...

* be an active player of BattleMaster.
* have a working knowledge of most of the game mechanics.
* been playing for long enough to be familiar with the game. Half a year at least, more is better.
* write a short application detailing in no more than 3-4 sentences why you want to be a Magistrate and why I should pick you.Bonus points if you...

* have a basic understanding of justice, legal systems and trials. Having been in a court-room in real life and watching or participating in trials is a definite plus that you should mention. TV courts don't count.
* know the Inaliable Rights and the summary/abstract of the Social Contract by heart.
* have trust-medals in-game (include a link to your user details page).
* can think of something important that I forgot.

I've been playing BM for seven years now, and loving it for just as long. I am active to varying degrees in game, and extremely active on both the forums and IRC.

In the seven years I have been playing I have gained two trust medals. I have significant experience with the game both in terms of in-game and out-of-game, having played as the undead GM for Beluaterra's 4th invasion and having recently joined the dev team. During my time in the invasion, I learned that I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to enhance the BM experience for everyone that I could, and feel this would be an excellent opportunity to do it again.

I have been playing for five years, played through many characters in different walks, had established characters on every continent except the Colonies and war islands, and managed to pick up twenty seven trust medals (far outweighing the other medals, amusingly enough).  And I've made enough enemies that a few more aren't going to bother me  :)

I have played BattleMaster since early Jan 2004, served in every position the game has had during that time (including battlegroup leader when such things existed), and played on every continent.  I have gone from being a primarily strategy-oriented player, through being a primarily roleplay-oriented player, to preferring a careful balance between the two.

I have never been in a real courtroom except for a mock trial, but I know the rules of BattleMaster inside and out (both old and current...). I have...apparently 18 trust medals.

I believe that it is important to prevent people from exploiting the game, and each other, and send the message that such things cannot be tolerated, in order to maintain the friendly atmosphere we strive toward.

I would love the opportunity to help protect the atmosphere and integrity of BattleMaster in a more direct way than I have over the past few years on the dev team.

However, if you want to keep the number of Magistrates limited...I can certainly understand if you'd prefer to give the job to someone who's not already doing a half-dozen other things.

Well... yeah. Three people from the dev team so far, nobody else. I certainly would want to engage a few other people as well.


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