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Re: Call for Volunteers
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I know there are already so many qualified and illustrious members of the community on the board of Magistrates, but I thought I'd just offer my services if needed.

Personally speaking, I am studying creative writing and philosophy with the intent of entering law school and joining the legal field. I have a good working knowledge of the legal system, court procedure, and of the values of justice, community service, and ethics thanks to my time studying philosophy. Additionally, across my time in BattleMaster my characters have consistently served as judges and so I have an excellent grasp of in-game legal aspects and rules.

On another note, I've played since I was in 6th grade - though I took a short break of a few years in high school - so it is fair to say I was raised playing this game and grew up understanding and loving the world and community. This has motivated a desire in me to actively make the game more enjoyable and preserve the rules and integrity inherent in our community. I would consider it an honor and privilege to be of use to the players of BattleMaster and to serve with the other Magistrates.

Thanks and regards.

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