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The Seeker Council: Chapter 3
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When an earthquake split the town in half, many Tascrigians fell into the newly formed crevasse. Some fled in horror while others looked down into the crevasse hoping to find those who fell.

Not long after the incident, the ground shook again. It was enough to make those who stayed behind leave their homes. As they fled Tascrig, they missed the sight of clouds gathering above the town.

Tascrigians ran toward east where they could find boats or ships to take refuge in Lerikion. They sailed for half a day when they saw something that should not be above the sea, a flying mountain. The sea under exploded from the debris which fell from the flying mountain. Waves from fallen debris pushed ships away from the approaching shadow of the mountain.

Astalos, whose eyes were fixated toward Tascrig, flew over the ships without noticing them. It was only interested in the familiar presence it knew when it was a part of the whole. Astalos remembered the feelings of being complete and perfect which were lost when the whole was divided. Although the magnitude of the presence was not the same, the purity of the presence was the same. It was the same energy which Astalos still carried from the time immemorial, prime.

While Astalos was buried in thoughts, it finally reached its destination. It could see the source of prime with its own eyes. It was not what it remembered but the energy the crevasse emitted was still the same. Unfortunately for Astalos, it was not alone. There were two other beings who resonated with prime just like Astalos. Both were shrouded in elements like Astalos and through the manipulation of elements, they created voices. They both stayed near the crevasse and conversed with one another.

While watching them talk, Astalos landed on the eastern side, destroying the eastern half of Tascrig with its massive body. It closely inspected the crevasse and realized prime leaking from the crevasse was too violent for Astalos to reach for it. Astalos was no longer the whole but a fragment of it. Although the energy coming from the crevasse was small, it still radiated more energy than any of the beings shrouded in elements. Astalos waited patiently while watching other two.
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