Author Topic: The Seeker Council: Chapter 4  (Read 2086 times)


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The Seeker Council: Chapter 4
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Quaranis stood in her despair.  How?  How was she to survive in this awful world?  Nothing was as it should be, and-



Yes...Another like herself...And this one had Air!  Perhaps she could learn the trick of that from this other.

A question?  Speaking?  Yes, speaking.  And polite, at that.  Maybe, maybe between them they would have the strength to grasp the Prime...But no.  She could sense there was not enough.

A mouth was formed to speak in turn.

"No, it is not mine, though I wish it were otherwise.  I cannot even touch it, I spent too much strength, if only I had waited, but it hurt too much-"

Quaranis' form began shaking, quivering in remembered pain.  And shook more, and more, until she look around and saw a third, wreathed in Earth, a strong spine of the world come to rest nearby.

A third!

Three, three might be enough!

"Please...I am not strong enough alone, none of us are strong enough alone, but if we joined, if we reached together, perhaps we might drink our fill!"

Two molten hands, pulsing deep white with urgency, reach out to the others.
"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here!"