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A Tale of Two Brothers

The Stormwalkers had split into two groups. The first moved like living shadows through the forest. Like a pack of wolves, they turned the hunter into hunt, guiding him wherever they wanted. Hrafn was running and panting. He could not fight there, surrounded by centennial trees, stumbling in the darkness. A few more awkward steps and he skidded in front of the glade. His first impulse was to draw his sword and attack the first figure he saw.
Ehrendill parried the blow. A rusted sword against an elvish blade drenched in moonlight. The second group of Stormwalkers was with him in their black robes and murderous eyes. Hrafn felt a tightening in his throat and felt that his life would end there with his brother's hand crushing his heart. The young dragon lowered his sword cautiously and waved his free hand for his soldiers to clear the way for the two Children of Avamar who brought jugs with clean water perfumed with jasmine. Their hands are full of delicate and caring caresses, silently undressing their brother in a neat bath. Like in the first encounter, there was no need for words while the Dragon and the Raven faced each other.

While the Avamarians looked after Hrafn, Ehrendill bent down to inspect his brother's bag. He did not expect to find much, but he was impressed by an ancient crown. He smiled and approached, crowning the brother he'd banished a lifetime ago. Without any shame of his nakedness, the Dragon counted the scars and bruises. The thinness apparent on his exposed ribs.

Ehrendill Eyolf: “Your punishment is coming to an end, brother. Come with me... I'll take you to your princess.”

Hrafn was petrified, trapped like a bird surrounded by cats. It was too late for him. Too late. Like a lightning, he pulled his bag and ran back into the forest. The Stormwalkers were ready to chase after him, but Ehrendill stopped them with a firm gesture. He hoped to redeem himself for the hard but necessary punishment. He was ready to embrace his foolish and rebellious brother and bring him back to the light.

It was too late.
Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
Serpentis again!