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The Meeting in Bescanon
Part I

Roleplay from Glory Gabanus
Message sent to everyone in the region Bescanon

Glory had been busy all morning trying to organize for a second battle. Her uncle had finally written back and gifted her some additional funds. While she had originally intended to use it for other matters, she decided to give the gold to her captain so he could get some fresh recruits for the defences. When he returned he reported her he had found an additional 50 men and had divided them in small groups to cover different strategic locations for nightfall.

Just as her captain left, a messenger came in bearing a letter from Lord Ehrendill and she read it carefully. As she placed the letter on the table she called in one of her messengers and two of her guards. "Bring word to Lord Ehrendill and escort him back to the portal. Zacharie and Carl you will join him. Make sure you are not followed and also make sure the Lord Ehrendill does not take men with him. There are too many who would try to assasinate my father should they find him and I will not allow it. So him and only him. He has my word that he shall not be harmed, but I need his word that my father shall not be harmed either. Now please go."


Ehrendill received his guides while attending to one of the wounded -- as his father had taught him, sometimes the nobles had to soak their boots in the blood and [email protected]#$ of the medical tents and show that they cared about the lives of the Stormwalkers who fought for the Serpentis. His captain was with him, but was silent until the guides dictated the terms.

Captain Bruno: "Sire... I do not recommend that you go alone. Her father is one of Sirion's greatest traitors... he hated Dürion..."

Ehrendill Eyolf: "But I'm not the Black Dragon and I know he had good terms with Erik, after all. What do I need to fear from a Lady? I'm my father's son, Captain..."

The young elf asked only a few moments for his servants and his squire to help him wear clean clothes and a ceremonial armor: Ehrendill liked to display the wealth of details of the armors Erik had acquired in his conquests. He let the guides watch the process to make it clear he was not carrying a sword, daggers or anything that might be considered dangerous. The servants finished the "costume" with a black cape of mourning and a priestess who always accompanied him stained his cheeks with ashes and put a raven feather in his hair; a death in the family. Once ready, he followed his guides to the meeting place. There was little to show of his personality: he was quieter than Erik, more concentrated and there was something of the elves in him besides the physical beauty, an unshakable greatness of a young noble who seemed to walk like a god among men. Blasé.


Roleplay from Benjamin Pryde
Message sent to everyone in the region Bescanon

Benjamin came to his feet in a smooth motion to a rare summons.  He stepped around the nurse and exited the tent to find himself between the two elven scouts who had left Oligarch with him.

They stood at attention, looking to the distance where men walked towards the place of the ritual.  Benjamin peered at them but could not see clearly from this distance.

"What is it?" Benjamin asked.

"An elf," the elf on his left said.

"Led by one of your Princess Glory's men," the elf on his right said.

"I see," Benjamin said with a frown.

"Get back in your cot," the nurse growled.

Benjamin simply shook his head.  "I cannot.  Something is afoot, and I must attend to it."

He nodded to his companions and they began walking towards the new elf's destination.  The elves wore standard human travel clothes to better blend in with their surroundings, while Benjamin wore little more than his standard tunic.  There wasn't a special decoration between the three of them, and indeed most men they walked by never noticed that two elves moved in their midst.  It was a useful disguise considering the general sentiment towards elves in the South.  Sentiment that Benjamin himself often fanned into a blaze.

The nurse muttered words no gentleman would acknowledge or write down, a ringing pronouncement on the intelligence and foolhardiness of her charge, as she follow in his wake.



Ehrendill tried to be discreet when he realized that he was being "followed". He looked without moving his head too much and tried to hide the strangeness of seeing two elves accompanying a Lord with Perdan's heraldry. Obviously, he had no way of knowing that they had come from Oligarch. His first thought was they should be bastard brethren, but he did not remember seeing their description among the records of the Thousand Bastards.

Erik had been in Perdan on official visits to Atanamir's court in the past when rivalry between the two was decided in duels and marriage deals. At that time, Sirion must have knelt down to Perdan, but no one would ever accept Erik's arrogance in his ability to change the situation diplomatically and with his elvish sword. Then, on a first impression, Ehrendill concluded that these must be bastard brothers that Erik had left behind. However, he restrained himself from saying anything... being escorted unarmed and alone into the enemy camp did not seem very intelligent, even being brave on his part.


Roleplay from Benjamin Pryde
Message sent to everyone in the region Bescanon

"He has recognized us," the elf on Benjamin's left said and moved to angle their walk to keep the distance open.

Benjamin followed the elf's lead and shook his head.  "I can barely see him."

The two elves nodded sagely before letting out long breaths.

"Allow me," the elf on his right said and stepped between Benjamin and the new arrival.

"Hello, brother.  It is strange to find one such as you so far south in these waning years.  May I help you find something?"


Ehrendill signaled to his guides, asking for a short pause when he was called by the elves. He first greeted them in the ancient natural elvish dialect of Slimbar and the woodlands of Sirion, but then he returned to the most common human dialect of the East Continent.

Ehrendill Eyolf: "Hail, fair brothers..."

But then he abruptly changed the conversation to Benjamin, for he seemed to be the natural leader and the true Lord among them. It was strange for Ehrendill to see elves serving a human; there were castes in Sirion and even Erik had elven servants in his ranks, but Erik was one of them, some will say the greatest one.

Ehrendill Eyolf: "I'm Ehrendill Eyolf Serpentis, Count of Limbar, son of Erik Eyolf Serpentis, the Silver Dragon of Sirion, Conqueror of the North. I was invited to meet Lady Glory... these men are her servants. I must say... I'm surprised to see a Southern Lord with elves. My first thought was that they were lost brothers... my father was very... active. Well, they can be... some were never tracked."


Roleplay from Benjamin Pryde
Message sent to everyone in the region Bescanon

"He is talking to you now," the elf on Benjamin's left whispered, with only a hint of disapproval in her face.

Benjamin shared an amused gaze with both elves before turning his attention to the other one.

"I am Benjamin Pryde of Oligarch.  Like my companions."  He aimed a look at his friends again and they nodded very slightly at him.  "Perhaps we can walk to Princess Glory together."

Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
Serpentis again!