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Ehrendill led his Stormwalkers to the river that was born at Akesh Temple, where his father had his last great lunatic triumphs. They carried with them eleven prisoners, soldiers of Perdan captured after the battle. The young elf held his proud and arrogant stance while the prisoners were lined up on the riverbank under the moonlight. The flickering light of the torches danced in the elven blade of his sword as he pronounced the death sentence.

Ehrendill Eyolf: “Today I offer your lives to the mountain and river god, the Silver Dragon of Sirion who lives in the heart of the Akesh Mountains. Just as he did in the past leading the Red Dragons and his Silver Legion, today I came to Nascot to bring Sirion's peace to the heart of Perdan - with fire and war. Yes, I know, I know. Blame Atanamir, the Mad King of Perdan and his unfulfilled promises. Sirion will never forget, not until the last Serpentis disappears in the mists of time. Today, pirates, I honor you with a maritime death. Thank my generosity when you reach the afterlife.”

The elf touched his father's eye hanging in his necklace and then began the execution, delivering precise blows of sword at the nape of his victims. The warmth of the blood splashing on his face brought a pleasant sensation. That was the feeling of a real war approaching like a storm after the lull. The feeling that he had a chance to make his name like his father had made his. Perdan would finally know Sirion's revenge to its fullest potential, even if there were only one or two witnesses of the old wars to remember. The bodies would follow the course of the river to the sea, passing through Perdan City for anyone who wanted to see.
Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
Serpentis again!