Author Topic: Serpentis Resurgence - Ehrendill Eyolf Serpentis  (Read 2591 times)

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A pause in the noble life to show a little history of a southern bastard.

Kings & Fools - and an Adventurer

Erikson smirked when a servant poured hot water on his back. Her delicate hands soon came to massage his shoulders. Sometimes even the poorest of the adventurers found nobler pleasures in the taverns of the great cities. The Serpentis had made very few incursions to the southern edges of the continent, so Hamadan was a pleasant surprise: the old capital of Yssadril was like a comic theater.

The bastard leaned over to pull out his bag, taking a stale piece of bread and a handful of letters. Erikson was one of the Thousand Bastards recognized by Erik Eyolf Serpentis, the Silver Dragon of Sirion. He had been spared in the Night of the Purge in which Dürion had hunted down and eliminated the bastards who had not been recognized. Despite being relegated to a servile life, he learned to use a sword, enough to be a hunter. Besides, he had also learned to read and write, at least enough to understand when the noble kings of the south lost their composure.

A few days ago he had put on a cloak and a hood and silently infiltrated the alcoves of the Southern Alliance’s headquarters. This should not be a crime, after all, he had been hunting and cleaning the south of the evil influence of monsters and undeads. It was a surprise to see that more than being accepted, he had access to a fair amount of… interesting discussions.

Erikson: “Do you want to hear a story, my dear? Do you know when your dad comes home drunk, cursing, slapping your mother and talking [email protected]#$? Want to find out how kings talk to each other? I'll read it just for you... "

The maid squealed when Erikson drew her into the hot tub to be with him and his body covered in scars. He would read for her all that royal cockfight and then offer her some old and good northern in n’ out.
Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
Serpentis again!