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Author Topic: The City States - Chapter 3  (Read 2264 times)


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The City States - Chapter 3
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The harbor of Lerikion was flooded with ships from Tascrig. Refugees from Tascrig flooded the streets as there was no place to accommodate so many people. But the biggest problem was the shortage of food. Lerikion was not prepared to take several thousand people all at once.

Lerikion itself was still recovering from the damage caused by fallen debris from the flying mountain. Lerikans could not welcome anyone when their hands were full with their own problems.

Lerikhir, the ruler of Lerikion, ordered soldiers to patrol the streets to maintain order but he knew it was not going to last long. Luckily for him, however, Lerikion's closest neighbours answered his request and decided to send enough food for Lerikion to feed itself for few months. 'Harajin'[Create Settlement, 1 Prime] used to be on the other side of the mountain that flew over the town. But with the mountain gone between the two, there was no need to go around the mountain. All the years Lerikans spent aiding Harajans against barbarians finally paid off.

"Lerikhir. What are you going to do about the refugees?"

Lerikhir's oldest adviser asked.

"How about making some tents for them outside of the town? As long as they are outside of the town, we can deal with them even if they start a riot.", said a younger adviser.

"Our soldiers need some rest too. They have been working non-stop for the past week. They are at their limits. If we don't do something our soldiers will revolt before the refugees."

"Why don't we ask Irkhen to help us?"

"I'd rather conscript some people temporarily."

"Or we can call retired soldiers back to service until we get things in order."

Lerikhir quietly watched his advisers argue and discuss. Advisers could not agree on solutions but that was expected. Nobody ever thought of accepting few thousand people all at once. The biggest problem was the refugees were most likely going to stay in Lerikion. Soldiers who were sent to check Tascrig returned with strange yet grim news. Most of Tascrig no longer existed. Instead, it was replaced by a giant pyramid which appeared from thin air. Everything was happening all at once too quickly. From the flying mountain to the destruction of Tascrig, and now the giant pyramid. Lerikhir pressed his tired eyes with his fingers then began ordering his advisers.

"We will accept Tascrigians as our citizens. Put them to work. Start with collecting resources to build more houses. Call the master builder. We need buildings that can house multiple families."

"Would that even work? Tascrigians won't simply accept orders from us."

"Make it work. Tell them what happened to Tascrig. They will come to their senses when they learn about the fate of their town."
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Re: The City States - Chapter 3
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Added more. May fix small bits here and there. Let me know if you think some stuff should be changed.