Author Topic: Under Debate: Show Banker granary & spoilage information in Regional Food Status  (Read 620 times)


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Title: Show Banker granary and spoilage information in Regional Food Status

Add two additional columns to the existing table.
  • One column will show the number of granaries in each region.
  • The other will show how much food spoilage occurred in that region on the current day.

The spoilage information is produced daily for each region so this would need to be recorded for the region. No history is required so a single variable/property per region should suffice.
The granary information is already stored for each region.

Bankers already have lots of useful data with which to plan a realm's food policy but this would allow them to make better informed decisions about where to stockpile food when necessary.

Possible Downsides or Exploits:
The most obvious downside is that Bankers will be better informed without additional effort, making them even less dependent on player interactions to do their jobs. However in many realms Bankers already do most of the trading so I don't think the impact would be that great. And anyone who doesn't want their realm's Banker managing their food can already achieve that by barring access to their granaries.
Having this information readily available will also allow Bankers to more effectively micromanage food distributions.
I can't think of any additional exploits this change would enable but perhaps I'm just not being devious enough.
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