Author Topic: The Saga of Nayala - Chapter 1  (Read 1236 times)


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The Saga of Nayala - Chapter 1
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'Nayala'[Create Hero, 1 Prime] ran as fast as her legs could take her. She was the only child of the ruler of Tascrig. Her father and his subjects would often call her 'the jewel of Tacrig'. No one objected to it as anyone who saw her could understand why. Her beauty captivated every man in Tascrig. She was her father's treasure and the pride of Tascrig. Traders often brought gifts to her from all over the world but no treasure was more precious than her. Whenever she left her palace to collect flowers, it felt like it was a small parade for the townsfolk.

That day started like a normal peaceful day. When the ground shook, she was visiting a small hill near the town to collect flowers like she often did. She headed back to Tascrig as soon as the shaking stopped, but she soon met waves of frightened people fleeing the town. She was quickly separated with her servants when they were swept away by the fleeing people. Nayala who quickly realized she was not going to find her servants anytime soon, however, decided to head back on her own.

She moved out of people's way and took a short cut she knew to head back. She was worried for her father. She knew something terrible must had happened in Tascrig to force so many people out of the town and her father was not the type of person to leave behind his subjects.

Before she even entered the town, however, she realized something beyond buildings near the gate. There was a strangely large cloud floating above the town. She knew it was no ordinary cloud when she saw two glowing blue eyes as no cloud she had seen had eyes. And below it, there was a giant mountain she had no memory of. Tascrig had no mountain near it and it definitely was not there when she left the town. She almost stopped breathing when the top of the mountain moved.

A moving mountain and a cloud with eyes...

She had never heard of such things. But her surprise did not end there. There was one more. When she was only a child, her father once took her to a place in the far north where the ground was bleeding with hot glowing blood. The same hot blood of the earth was here, standing before the mountain.

It even spoke!

Before she could comprehend what was going on, the mountain moved again. The top of the mountain turned toward Nayala. Her blue eyes, once praised to be as beautiful as the brightest stars, met the two giant rubies of the mountain. At that moment, her head was filled with white. When she came to her senses again, she realized she was running... away from the city. She ran until her legs finally gave out. Her consciousness faded as her body collapsed on the ground.