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The Color Green - Chapter 3
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With a stable source of wondrous Prime to balance her, Quaranis [Materialize: 1 Prime] felt better than she had since waking on this strange world.  After spending some time building up the lava flows between her home in the Keahi Archipelago and the source [Effect: Gain Influence +2 / Cost: 4 Prime] she returned to begin exploring the various islands her attempt to seize the air had wrought.

To her surprise, they were still growing.  When her lava met the ocean, it turned to various forms of Earth, and the lava kept flowing.  Apparently, when she had created it, she had made more than she realized in her desire to cocoon herself.  There was an almost limitless amount deep within the world, and it seemed to enjoy rising to the Air.  This made sense, of course, as it wanted to complete its elemental lack by joining with the Air.

After a time, though, Quaranis realized that the islands were...Dull.  There were a variety of fascinating shapes, plenty of eye-catching metals and gems, swirls of different Earths...But she already understood those, and within a short time could easily predict what would happen, when, and how.  Now that the glorious beauty of Prime had nearly removed all the pain the separation of the elements had brought, she found she was bored.

As she visited her pyramid one day to bask in the Prime Source, she realized that a wild profusion of something had grown around it.  At first she thought this was a strange gift from one of the others, but after investigating she realized they had arrived from nearby areas, and seemed to thrive in the volcanic soils.

This was delightful!  She had no idea how these small green, growing things worked!  She could not predict them at all, and that made them intriguing.  And when she happened to return shortly after this part of the world began warming again in one of its bizarre cycles, she was amazed at all the colours!  Why, here were shades that reminded her of the gemstones!  And they changed so frequently that she could come back at any time and see different ones.  She had to have them for her islands!

But, to her confusion, the things did not seem to like the waters of the ocean.  Ah, yes, too much salt, hm.  Well, she could simply transplant them...But they seemed to die too quickly when her attention moved to something else.  This was quite an interesting puzzle.

Perhaps if there were waters with less salt on the islands?  Ah, yes...That seemed to work.  Well, then why not have them across all the islands then?  If water was what they needed, then let there be water across them all [Create Aquifers: 3 Purity]!  Yes!  Now they survived!  And across the archipelago.  And Quaranis was pleased and exhausted, and lay back in the vast pool of lava in the central mountain of the central island, and watched.

(Well, Tom did say to ignore the numbers...heheh)
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