Author Topic: IC court and Investigation powers  (Read 4022 times)

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Re: IC court and Investigation powers
« Topic Start: July 17, 2011, 06:35:12 AM »
An in-character court is inappropriate because it infringes on the sovereignty of every single realm in the game. Realms just as well might not even have judges or bother resolving internal disputes if these magistrates will be expected to arbitrate not only disputes between players but disputes between characters as well. Furthermore:

Quote from: Tom
These people are volunteers doing a job that is guaranteed to make them enemies. Anyone who makes their life difficult outside the Courthouse and its sub-boards will feel my unrestrained wrath. That includes shunning them in-game, badmouthing them on IRC, bullying them in any way, or absolutely anything else negative.

The highlighted parts are somewhat disturbing to me.