Author Topic: Under Debate: Badge 'Achievements' system (gamification) instead of fame points  (Read 1489 times)

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I remember a few RPs where they were shooting as well. But not the point and I think I may have expressed myself badly.

From the perspective of an Infantry leader, even when the archers are at the front line and the noble is just leading, he's safe and at a good distance while the arrows are destroying you, sometimes even before you reach them. Then, as you advance angrily wanting to break through the front line and finally crush them, they will always seems like cowards, just leading or firing themselves. Perspective and "propaganda".

For their part, they can just say your Infantry leader is using the Captain to advance with the troops while he just watch from the distance and send orderds by the banners.

For my part, I enjoy them all since they can be turned in a good RP. Now, achievments!?  :)

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