Author Topic: The Broken Path: Tales of the Inquisition (Yxevarii Auru'in RP's)  (Read 727 times)


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Quote from: Yxevarii Auru'in: Doom of the Enlightened - Battle of Ardmore
"We never saw them coming.

The bane of generations - an ancient scourge borne upon the howling wind.

Harbingers of a plague given form; their bleak silhouettes carved unto memory.

Souls of black without conscious spark.

...Or so we believed.

    A fell wind blew that night - that blasphemous wail of dark lament.

Profane mutterings born of an eldritch macrocosm far beyond Man's perception.

Shambling hordes scattered beyond leagues; devoid of cause nor destination...

By the naive nature of callous Men, we mistook them for naught but mindless wanderers.

How could we be so wrong?

    Putrid maws called out unto the darkness in a tongue Man cannot fathom - and something answered the call.

Like a plague of locusts they coalesced. A leviathan horde descended from the pits of oblivion to cleave our ranks asunder.

Despite the best training and preparation money can buy, our defensive positions were overwhelmed without warning.

How does one defeat an enemy who feels no pain; which never tires; that knows no fear?

We never stood a chance.

    First they ambushed our scouts. Then they probed our response - unveiling vulnerabilities we were too blind to notice.

The flood broke upon our flanks like a tsunami - consuming the front-lines like loose grains of sand.

They were too swift, too vast a force to reform our lines. There was no second charge.

What few men survived will forever relive that night in their darkest nightmares.

We've doomed us all."
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