Author Topic: Buying region, region was poached?  (Read 3157 times)


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Re: Buying region, region was poached?
« Reply #15: February 16, 2018, 12:19:22 PM »
Yeah... Just... We need to work on the archer code.

I can't in any reasonable way see even a dozen archers being stupid and dense enough to fire on the single closest guy while ignoring the giant mass of units behind him, much less a hundred to a thousand archers unloading on the front-guy heroically leading the charge while completely ignoring the entire god damn army a few steps behind him.

Its just... Wow. Even dungeon-crawler/MUD/JRPG AI isn't that stupid, and I've played a lot of those :P

If a unit reaches overkill, the others should aim elsewhere. I mean, how many dozens or hundreds of arrows pierce the same guy before you go "Hmm, maybe I should aim elsewhere."

Though that opens up a whole other bag of worms because apparently our archers have perfect godlike aim and never hit anyone other than their exact target, which is honestly something I'd like to see changed. Maybe asking too much in that case, however.
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