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Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« Topic Start: February 13, 2018, 03:08:50 PM »
1) --Actually any region should be possible to TO. With the distance penalty, if you try to TO a region too far away, they will revolt anyway.
2) --Why? I'd rather see redistribution of gold through region rebalancing. Less gold for cities and more gold for rural regions. We won't see any additional resources being added back to the game so might as well rebalance regions so they don't need to ask for gold all the time.
4) --I think just lowering it to 2.5k should do it. If people can't buy regions, there is no point on keeping it so high. Or if you want to keep it to 5k, I'd suggest making it so you can't put any gold in as long as your family gold is over 1k.
5) --Actually wouldn't mind seeing people using their family gold to recruit units. Maybe make it twice as expensive or even three.
7) --No. Just get rid of religion. The game has too few people for religions and priests.
9) --Instead, I'd just make it impossible for people to loot a place to the ground. Let's say once a region is left with 25% or lower production, you can no longer loot in that region or something.
12) --I thought it hasn't changed? I'd agree with making it larger especially on Dwilight.

1) No, you need a border. The exception to this is Testing, with sea regions, as realms with coastal regions can take other coastal regions with which they don't share a land border. That doesn't allow inland TOs, and that doesn't apply to Stable.
2) Some rebalancing of the regions could be good, but that does nothing about the fact that some regions can be devastated which will have an extreme effect on the few who settle there. Equally, few people want to be lords of some key regions or border regions, because the war, militia, or other factors make it that they make little income. On Dwi, this is even worse, where many regions are completely depopulated, but that also exists on EC and BT. Manual transfers are tedious and unfun, giving realms at least the option to use either a balanced or a mostly communal system would help keep everyone engaged in realm activities, and not leave poor knights and lords (of sometimes potentially rich regions) just missing out because they tire of begging and their region gives them no taxes.
4) Sure? I mean, the cap used to be 10k, which was raised afaik to 20k. The logic behind it I'm not sure, other than "a lot of people reached the cap, so might as well raise it". I have always hated family wealth. It's the result of parasitic nobles funneling gold from where it could be used to achieve something fun to a barely touchable safe haven abroad where, if it is used, will likely be used by another realm.
5) I would mind it a lot. As per the previous point, nobles squatting high titles to farm gold in order to finance the activities of another realm on another continent are not only unfun for that other realm's competitors, as there's nothing they can directly do about it, but are also unfun for the sponsor realm's other nobles, who see the realm parasitized and left with little to do something with. Family wealth could be used, like fame, to give new characters a higher starting h/p, and better starting unit stats, but should otherwise absolutely not have a direct use in warfare.
7) That's clearly not going to happen. A softer approach would be adding a new subclass (Cleric, Crusader, Inquisitor, something of the like), available to all classes (including priests, warriors, and adventurers), that gives non-priests a greater ability to involve themselves in the religion game. Especially with the new limit of 1 noble per continent, the "you cannot have a unit" restriction on priests makes it extremly unappealing, even to people who would want to involve themselves in the religious game.
9) I'm actually in favor of being able to loot a region to the ground, but would also like a way to bring it back up. I think wars would be a lot more interesting if you could more reliably bring production to zero, but if such extensive damage could be fixed in about 2 months. Perhaps a forced deportation looting option. As a mix of this point and another, I don't think regions should ever revolt on their own, there should be a lower cap under which stats will not go on their own, but player actions should be more easily able to make the stats go below this cap and revolt.
12) It was significantly reduced, which has absurd effects on some realms.