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Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« Topic Start: February 13, 2018, 06:49:10 PM »
1) Make it possible to TO cities with which you don't share a border, possibly automatically creating a new duchy for them, as a new version of the old CTOs

Ehhh...maybe. I'd rather just reimplement CTOs.

2) Bring back (the option of) communal taxes.

In some form, maybe. The way they used to be, no.

3) Bring back wealth tax

Strongly supported.

4) Lower the family wealth cap to 5000

Nope. I'm not going to do anything that's just going to take thousands of gold from mostly long-running families.

I might well put in some things that act differently when your family gold is high, though. Like increasing ransom dramatically, having bandits sometimes actually capture you and try to ransom you from your family, that sort of thing.

5) Make any action that uses family gold for military purposes instead use personal gold

...Which military actions use family gold now? I can't recall offhand. I'd rather have them use army gold.

6) Make buying regions only possible in your own realm or in realms you are allied with.

That's the opposite of the direction we went a while ago, and though I won't say "no," I certainly won't say "yes" either. This, I think, needs a detailed explanation & discussion.

7) Make religious takeovers factor in realm sympathy and a bunch of new factors to make it almost impossible to pull off, at least when done on human-held lands. Enable it anew in rogue lands.

I would say not almost impossible, but a lot harder than it's been. Otherwise, yes, I support this.

8) Remove peasant militias completely: only player actions should stop player actions.

I presume you mean the automatic type that pops up on looting? Yeah, I'm still not happy with those, or with the consequences of looting generally. I might open a topic about this for general discussion and brainstorming.

9) When too much looting is done, instead of peasant militias, locals should run away to nearby regions.

See, like that. That's a fantastic idea! ;D

10) Convert 15% of all militia units to local population every week. Reduce this decay by 2% per fortification level.

Mmm, no, I think not, though I do have some Thoughts on changes to how militia work that would, at least in a geographic sense, drastically reduce their prominence.

11) Add a looting option that specifically targets loyalty and control.

I don't think that's looting. I think that's some kind of propaganda engine. Which I have some ideas for, too.

12) Return the distance from capital radius to what it used to be, if not larger.

So we can have huge hollowed-out realms again? I lean toward "no," but I also lean toward "I have ideas for making that restriction much more nuanced."

13) Add a "Demesne" alternative to lordships, where a region goes lordless without penalties other than a tax penalty or 100% of it going to the communal pot. Referendums don't run for it in democracies. The game has too many regions like Wasteland and the Desert of Silhouettes that don't deserve putting any nobles to them, but which in some cases must be taken for a number of other reasons.

I have a plan in mind that's very similar to this—and if you can tell me why you call it "Demesne", I might even use that name for it, because I didn't have a good name yet.

In short, make wars about the knights again, and not about the gimmicks.

That's great to say, but always hard to actually implement.
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