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Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« Topic Start: February 13, 2018, 07:47:49 PM »
I should point out that it's already approved to bring back wealth and property taxes as *options* for governments, not mandatory like before.

Also approved, but never implemented, are the option to have council shares of ruler/realm distribution. It's not a big jump from that to my preferred form of reimplementing communal taxes being having the government option of subsidizing classes and subclasses from the ruler/realm distribution. Yes, currently those are nil, but I don't think it'd be impossible to have public pressure on dukes to contribute more heavily if it was subsidizing the realm. And pressure from council members if it boosted their incomes.

I like the idea of high wealth families being more subject to kidnapping and extortion attempts, reimplementing a system allowing for simpler new realm creation than secessions but am neutral on CTO vs Chenier-suggestion, opposed to lowering family wealth limit, opposed to reducing distance from capital limit, and I'm in the same boat as Anaris regarding buying regions in-realm or in-alliance realm. Anything not specifically mentioned can best be described as being considered, ambivalent, apprehensive but not rejecting, needs further discussion et cetera.

Optional is fine by me. Not sure the communal taxes would need to be as complicated as before, with the option for more "weight" to some (sub)classes or titles than others. I don't think government members really need extra gold either, though I guess that the increased income for them could help increase competition. Then again, with more customization comes greater player agency. As long as there's something to help ince into realm activities, at the very least, the extremely poor (lords/knight of regions that are either terrible by design, forced to be filled with militia for strategic region, or utterly devastated into non-production).