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old forum posts seemingly removed?


Barek (jerm):
A few years back, some of us ran a bunch of Werewolf games, which were tremendous fun for a while.

On a lark I went to poke through them again, and noticed that some of the messages in these threads appear to have been removed.  The post remains, but its content is simply gone.  I noticed a few scattered through, but consistently the long rules bit is missing from all of those werewolf posts.

Here's the first one that we ran:,3046.0.html

Its got the roles, but there was a long bit about rules and how the game worked that is missing.

It doesn't really impact anything now, but I'm mighty curious as to why these got killed.  I'm not aware of copyright info or anything.

Anyone know?


There have been a couple of server moves since then, and I suspect that that's when that data got lost. We've noticed it on the dev board in a few places, too.


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