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April 2018 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: April 11, 2018, 04:33:40 PM »
Updated 27 April!

Major Changes

  • Accounts older than 3 months will no longer be deleted no matter how long they are inactive
  • Introduce Duchy Bulletins
  • Infantry armor is 25% more effective on testing islands
  • Archers should no longer massively overkill small numbers of units on the front enemy line, on all islands

Minor Changes

  • Improve the disband militia screen (show every unit, and why if they're not available)
  • Restore militia attrition when they can't be paid properly
  • Improve the text of the Buy Region option, making it clearer what the risks are
  • Accumulation of gold in rogue regions has been slightly nerfed
  • Monsters are more susceptible to ranged attacks, while undead are less susceptible, on testing islands
  • Monsters will come in two basic varieties on testing islands: those with stronger attacks, and those with stronger defense; they can no longer have both at once
  • The Character Details page has been updated to be more user-friendly

Bug Fixes

  • Properly report the reason for Dukes stepping down again
  • Properly display the minimap on scout reports, regardless of whether they were taken on mobile or desktop
  • Fix checks to allow class change to infiltrator
  • Auto da fe should work again
  • Monsters should (this time, for real?) not just hang around at sea, but correctly sail through to their destinations
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