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Maura - The Inquisitor of Obia'Syela
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Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part I

As magnificent as Rines is, every big city has it's seedier parts - it is somewhat inevitable, the more people inhabit a place, the more opportunity for those giving less heed to the letter of the law to form groups and for those groups to occupy certain neighbourhoods; more often than not those neighbourhoods tend to be located by the water, for reasons more or less unknown to modern scholars. And so the City of Moonlight had the docks. In the central place of the Port of Four Cities there were magnificent quays of marble and basalt, and piers built with finest ilks of wood. That part of the port was designed to receive the greatest of noble guests - Kings and Emperors - and as such it was built with royal - if not imperial - style. From it shoot a wide, cobblestone alley that led the noble travellers all the way to the Basilica, through the marketplace and several other prominent locations. That alley served also as a border between the northern and southern docks, patrolled tirelessly by the city guard. The northern part was nowhere near as grandiose as the magnificent royal piers of the Port, but it was still kept neat and tidy by the merchant guilds of the city and minor noble houses, it served as the main trade hub of city; and then there were the southern docks...


Full moon dawned upon the darkest corners of the city with it's silver light, as Maura strolled through the alleyes of Southern Docks all by her lonesome. In her drunken state her legs had all the authority over pathfinding, leaving her mind to ponder more salient dillemmas, such as: should she vomit now, or not quite yet. Employing their sovereing power her legs led her to the most obscure tavern they could find. Her hazy gaze scanned the patrons in passing, they appeared to be lowly thieves and hustlers... that is - the finest of them appeared to be thieves and hustlers. She could discern all sorts of rogues and villains, as well as an unimposing deadman cramped in the dank corner, red shape showing on his groin, embers of baccy in his pipe still drawling grey dribble of smoke in the air.

She approached the barkeep and without a word pointed to a tankard of ale. He extended expectant palm before proceeding with the order. Drunken dame poked the insides of her eternally empty purse and with an exasperated sigh and a mighty swing she punched the consciousness straight out of one of the tavern patrons' head, grabbing his tankard as he fell to the ground. Her feat raised no eyebrows, not in this joint; her shrug prompted the barkeep to withdraw his hand. Freshly acquired beverage in hand, her legs decided to leave the tavern - she followed, and so did a group of less comely tavern patrons.

Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content, including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part II

Cold autumn air nibbled her nose and earlobes, she rubbed off the numb sensation and poured the contents of her tankard into her throat, tossing the empty vessel aside. The clang was much louder than she expected, so she turned around to see why, only to notice the apparent source of the sound - the enormous scimtar - slapping her face with it's broad side. Even considering the force of the impact, normaly it would merely cause her stumble back, but in her drunken state it dropped her on her arse, blood gushing from her nose. The assaliant's grin revealed incomplete set of teeth. As she propped herself up she felt her arms wrenched behind her back and immobilised by two more thugs. She snarled more out of annoyance than out of pain. The man before her swinged once more, this time the hilt of the scimtar caught her left eye and a moment later is was swollen shut. What was left of her hazy eyesight made out a shape in the corner of her field of vision. It was a female shape, dressed in something blue, the notion took her mind somewhere distant in space and time and well out of the present situation, a soft smile shaped on her face.

Sensation of cold steel on her naked thigh brought her back into the moment. It pushed to the side but she resisted it without effort, up until the blade twisted, pressing sharp edge to one of her tighs and pointy tip to the other. The assaliant growled to his companions "hold the bitch tight!" and sneered at Maura as he dropped the scimtar to the ground and kneeled between her tighs, ripping the drawstings out of his trousers with one hand and spreading long faulds of her chainmail with the other. Exposing his manhood he noticed her victim's back arching at extreme angle and completely oblivious to the situation, he laughed out loud, shouting "look-it boys! she wants i-", unable to finish his sentence.
Maura's tighs shoot up in the air at an alarming speed and clenched the villain's neck with the strength of a rockslide, constricting his movements. The other two rogues needed all the hands they had to keep Maura in place, in panic trying to decipher muffled sounds coming from their leader. They were all wrestling for a good couple of moments until finally one "HWOOHD!" escaped the suffocating throat of the hapless scoundrel in a way that allowed his minions to recognize it as "sword". The villain closer to it let go of one of Maura's arms and jumped for the scimtar, enabling her to snap the neck she held between her tighs and wrestle free of the grip on her other arm, all in one motion.

She stood up and faced her opponents, quickly calculating the odds. She was unarmed and they were no longer fighting for the wicked joy. Their intent was now to kill and they were ready to see it fullfilled. She was about to decide to fight, when she felt the throbbing pain in her palm. "Must've disjointed my wrist when wrestling it free" - she thought, almost cursing aloud. She immediately stood straight and before they could attack she said:

"I am Maura Arnic-BLARGH!" - in a mighty retch she vomited all the contents of her stomach, spilling some of it on the two before her. Almost amused with their disgust she continued, trying her best not to slur the words: "I am Dame Maura Arnickles Renodin of Rines, and the Port of Four Cities along with the Southern Docks is my domain now. In the name and with the authority of my immediate liege and your sovereign lady Rania Eastersand JeVondair I order you to stand down or face all consequences."

The threat worked. Surprisingly well. In the moonlight it is very hard to tell when someone is going pale, so Maura was amazed how apparent it was on their faces. They must've been terrified. Her assumptions confirmed as one of them asked in a shaking voice:

"Renodin l-like, Astros Renodin?"

Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content, including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part III

She almost smiled when she said: "A distant relative." - and watching the cogs of tiny windmills of their minds turn she suppressed a smirk when they fell to their knees, pledging allegiance and offering their service. Seconds slipped into minutes as she let herself sink into a reverie. Her hazy vision fell on a blue ghost by the chalky-white wall, and when her eyes met those of her lady, she heard the voice.

You silly goose, you can't act like that anymore. You're a noble lady now. Noble ladies don't look for trouble in shady alleys. The Maura I knew, noble or not, didn't look for trouble in shady alleys. She was about selfless duty.

"The Maura you knew is no more, m'Lady. I can't be her. Not anymore."

You also can't be... - the specter lady motioned between the thugs and dead body - ...this.

Maura was about to argue but taking in the words she simply nodded.

"But I can still see you." - she pointed to the ghost - "Not like this. I can still see you like then. Torn to pieces, your entrails hanging from the jaw of that ghastly creature. It was all because... it was me."

It was... - the ghost said and to shock on Maura's face she continued - ... or it was not. Things happen. Horrible and good alike. Things. Happen. There's nothing more to it.

"What should I do now?" - Maura asked, staring into empty space.

Letting me go would be a start. - Jarra chuckled - Don't you shake your head now! You should know better than to question your lady. - she smiled at her captain - Yes, I know, the emptiness. You will find a way to fill it. As you should fill that empty scabard of yours. - The ghost pointed at the sheath that used to hold a mighty scimtar and suddenly she started fading.

"You could take us in... I mean in service." - one of the thugs answered Maura's question, earning only angry stare and withdrwaing immediately.

The warrior lady whispered out of earshot of the two men: "I can't let you go, I'll have nothing left."

Then I'll leave you this - said the spectre continuing to fade - there is magic on this world. There is magic that enhances the nature of things, those common spells merely tickle the Veil. There is magic that alters the nature of things, those spells scratch at the Veil. And then there is the magic that contradicts the nature of things, those most rare and powerful spells tear the Veil, pierce the Veil. Even those are not strong enough to tear a hole big enough for Her to come... not alone, but they are strong enough for you to feel Her, to truly feel Her, Her and... all the others.

Maura considered herself a seasoned warrior, so she was ashamed of the cold shivers she felt at those words. The ghost started disappearing, her voice shifting to something else, something less human:

Find them, read them, perform them and
The emptiness yOu shall fill,
The purpose you shall find.

The ghost disappeared entirely and Maura found herself as sober as a judge. She took a while to snap out of her reverie and recompose herself, after which she started barking out orders:

"You two! Find me one and a half dozen more of... you. Fetch them and yourselves to the knightly quarters of the Port of Four Cities. And that..." - she pointed to the scimtar - "Is mine now."
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