Author Topic: Blizzard of Light - Ardmore Portal Event  (Read 999 times)


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Blizzard of Light - Ardmore Portal Event
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Blizzard of Light   (just in)
message to everyone in the vicinity of Ardmore
With the portal stones set deep underground, the earth had been pierced with the beam of light. With Erasmus' ritual underway for several days, the earth began to rumble, collapsing the flimsy peasant hovels. Nearby, humans had fought unnatural creatures upon trembling ground.

But now, in the dead of night, all intensified. The buzzing and crackling that accompanied portal light beams shifted into the pounding of wardrums, deafening all else. What had been merely a shaking ground now erupted into a full earthquake within Ardmore, collapsing monster dens. Which just so happened to release Jessica and Tom from their rogue imprisonment. The normally pure white beam of light darkened to a crimson red.

Deep underground, visible only to Erasmus, the ring of portal stones had lifted from where they had been set and rotated from horizontal to vertical. Within the circle, a portal to another world became visible. Several flashed by, fertile lands of green, black endless emptiness, pastel wonderlands.

Yet when Erasmus dramatically completed his esoteric ritual, the world beyond flashed into a hellish nightscape that swirled with black smoke. One could nearly smell the acrid air, when a claw shot forth from beyond, followed by a flaming foot. Erasmus dropped to his knees when a daimon stepped forth. Placing a claw upon the chest of Usul and Gythrul, daimonic words spoken, their eyes widened awake. Stepping back, the daimon admired his work as the two arose once more.

Above, unaware of the horrors occurring beneath their feet, many rejoiced at the cessation of the intolerably-deafening wardrums, that had occurred once the daimon had crossed over into Beluaterra. However, Arterius, Divus, and Vahanian failed to rejoice upon realizing they were permanently deaf to all sound. More visibly comforting, the light column had lightened from crimson to a relaxing blue hue, calming the panicked wildlife, and then back to its typical pure white. Yet not all was over yet, as without warning the light column exploded outward, forming a whiteout blizzard of lightflakes upon all in the region. Even that didn't seem all that bad however when the wounded discovered that they were not only healed, but felt a bit more youthful as well.

Back deep underground, none had spoken since Usul and Gythrul had risen. Inspecting them as one might expect a military doctor inspects a recruit, the daimon then, without a word, turned towards the portal. Usul and Gythrul followed, seemingly understanding that they were to follow the daimon back into the Netherworld to retire, being no more for this world. As they crossed into the portal and their new afterlife amongst daimonkind, the portal snapped shut, the portal stones having poofed into dust clouds that now floated to the ground.

It was now that the whiteout lightflake blizzard aboveground abruptly ceased, plunging Ardmore back into night's darkness. Except shortly, it was realized that it was not merely night's darkness that blocked their sight, but that Astros, Jessica, Jorvik, Lyndis, Radzik, and Serena found themselves permanently blinded from the intense light-blizzard they had just survived.
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