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Apostate’s daze
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After being thrown into a tree by Erasmus.

Roleplay from Apostate
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Apostate gasped with pain as he awoke, head exploding. He groaned as he felt around the back of his head, searching for the source of the white-hot pain. His fingers touched something wet. He staggered to his feet, gripping his staff. His vision was blurred and tinted with red. He stumbled forward and nearly fell.

Awkwardly and mumbling incoherently he took a few more steps, dazed. His staff saved him from falling, barely. Ahead was a large tent, he took another step.

The next step had him fall to the ground. Pain exploded in his head again and he cried. Blinking away the red, he saw more clearly. He saw the low dancing of a flame. He smelt death, smoke, burning flesh. He heard steel on steel. The sounds of war.

He rose to his feet, nearly falling again. He continued to the large tent, pawing at the chest of his robes. He mumbled.

“Gythrul, Gythrul...”
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