Author Topic: Under Debate: Allow knights to build shrines  (Read 778 times)


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Summary: Allow landed knights to build a shrine on their estate.

Details: A knight who is a full member of a religion may build a shrine to that religion on their estate. In all respects this shrine functions just like the shrine a priest might build and is counted on the list of total shrines in the region. Should the knight leave the estate the next occupant may tear down the shrine if they wish and build a new one. Estates should be limited in the number of shrines they can build either with a set number of allowed shrines (perhaps just one or one for every 10% of the region allocated) or with the same escalating cost system that keeps priests from spamming shrines. My preference goes to having a set limited number of shrines and a low number at that since that increases the possibility of a knight having to decide if they want to tear down an old shrine of a different faith in order to build one of their own, thus creating more opportunity for player decisions.

Benefits: Allows knights, especially knights played by new players to customize their estates and be more actively involved in the game. Encourages participation in religion. Creates the potential for player to player interaction and conflict (e.g. a player may tear down a shrine on his new estate, angering the religion to which it belongs)

Downsides: Nothing comes to mind. Maybe priests don't want to share one of their abilities?
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