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Re: Discussion on Monsters
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My 2 cents which is probably not amounting to much...

In Nothoi, my character is trying to hold onto Creasur.  My character has spent quite a few days in a rouge prison after waves and waves of rouges knock down peasant militia and the troops they have.  Try to get to capitol and it's almost always either injury or getting captured.  Continent density is 2.85.  In theory, this should mean the roaming hordes should be diminishing, but it doesn't seem to have happened yet.  The food situation in Nothoi from what I was told by the previous banker is that we can't feed everywhere.  Perhaps as players we should abandon Creasur, but it's a connection city the helps to bridge a gap between Nothoi and Vales.

In D'Hara, I hear my fellow players frustrations about always doing battle against rouges.  D'Hara is one of those particular states where the primary regions of it has always been on islands.  I've personally brought up proposals in character to reduce us down to a limited number of regions and/or supported moving elsewhere in an attempt to end the onslaught, but both proposals are unfavorable to players.  Right now, it's mainly just trying to make sure the regions don't starve to death, wait for a horde to take it over, reclaims the region, try to rebuild it up and rinse and repeat.

I'm still a fan of a prevention system of retaking regions instead of monsters.  I fear that is this continues with monsters "punishing" density issues, this will lead (if it hasn't with some already) to thinking monsters are the dev's punishment for player population going below what they want.  This could in turn cause players to give up resulting in more "punishment" creating a very negative feedback cycle.
I understand you holding on to Creasur on Belu. My character tried to do the same with Keffa, holding on. However it is a matter of time before the city defense is overwhelmed given the amount of rogue force out there :(

Also to help you with rogue force keep capturing your character as they do to my character. Try Evasive, then try unitless. I believe this will be fixed later too ::)

Also while I do not understand why rogue need gold before free our characters, not that it matters. All this while I have been led to believe rogue spawn from rogue regions, so trying to minimize the rogue regions. It is not my fault, since the rogue pops out next door region and says they will eat the food there so peasants call for help or eat peasants already.

I wonder how many realms will die before this rogue invasion ends. A city that survive without rural regions, how much food needed to feed a city that full of militia. Once rogue invasion ends, there will be no shortage of realms taking rogue rural regions back, bringing back the characters density issue again.

But other realms on the continent haven't reached 3 noble per realm average. So Nothoi must suffer as well. Nothoi better help other realms reach that goal by attacking them.
The best pretense of war ever: I will attack you if you take that city/region. I will attack you to resolve the noble density in this continent/ Your realm must die in order for my realm to live. Sound do-able?

Overall this looks like a short term solution to ever lessening characters density in game. Unless you start to reduce the number of regions. And with many peasants crying in terror from dying by rogue, I wonder how region Population will recover.
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