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Re: Discussion on Monsters
« Reply #90: August 16, 2018, 07:24:58 PM »
I wonder how many realms will die before this rogue invasion ends. A city that survive without rural regions, how much food needed to feed a city that full of militia. Once rogue invasion ends, there will be no shortage of realms taking rogue rural regions back, bringing back the characters density issue again.

I think this underscores the entire issue. It's also why the monsters/undead prob will never go away entirely (or spawn back up again bigger if density goes down again.

First off, there are two types of monsters basically. Those passing through and those trying to TO your region. Rogues apparently pick a target and move there, but some regions are simply more often in the way then others. So even if your density is lower, if you're in the way of the rogue span and their target, you can still face the stacks (although if you hadn't fought them they'd simply move on away from your lands). Lower density means your regions are less likely to be picked as a target.

Tbh I had expected the rogue forces to be less strong by now, or equal of strength but residing more in rogue regions. This way they'd help ensure realms can't easily TO new regions (or fight the rogues) but those that don't expand are then hit less hard by the rogues.
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