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Re: Oratory Skill
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You can use the Academy, try one hour to check your level and then try to invest a little in some training.

I did it with my Priest... first a lot of Academy sessions, then preaching. I have 84 Oratory in my Fame Chart and just checked this with the best option:

You pay your 12 gold and proceed to train in Oratory for 3 hours.
The tutor acknowledges that you seem to be more skilled in Oratory than he is and thus he can not estimate your skill properly except for saying that it is apparently higher than his own (80%)
Unfortunately, it also means he can not teach you anything new, and your skill will likely not improve much further by training with him.
You could not improve your skill with this training and your tutor remarks that you will probably have to hire a better tutor or spend more time in order to have a chance at learning more.
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