Author Topic: Can we cut Dwilight some slack now?  (Read 3343 times)


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Re: Can we cut Dwilight some slack now?
« Reply #15: August 24, 2018, 12:00:13 PM »
My point is that if they have to die then they should die quickly with a big forced bang, not die over an extended period by a thousand cuts. This constant attrition is really demoralizing to players. Just decide what needs to happen and impose it to happen over just a few weeks.

I have yet another suggestion which I think will make it a really interesting, crowded and unique continent. Here it is. Make all regions unlivable except for those directly bordering the inland sea. That way humanity would be confined to a narrow strip around the inner coast, making sea travel important and forcing us all together to fight and trade. There are about 70 such regions so the density would be much greater than currently. It can be implemented very simply and easily. nothing like this has been attempted before and it would create a unique campaign in which the islands and sea travel would be really important. Its a great experiment and should be tried on this experimental continent.