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Summer 2018 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: August 06, 2018, 06:32:35 PM »
Major Changes

Message System Update (See separate post)

Minor Changes/Bugfixes

  • The Character Details page has been improved
  • The Repair page now has the option to pay double for double repair speed
  • Fixed issues with candidates for Duke at creation of a new Duchy
  • Fixed an issue allowing the last city in a realm to change allegiance
  • Properly display the list of temples when the religion is collapsing
  • Display correct number of days left in prison for characters recovering from wounds in prison
  • Increase number of archers that fire at the front line of enemy troops before picking a new target
  • Fixed a bug that caused Lords to lose Lordships when Duke changed allegiance or seceded
  • Updated bugtracker
  • Reduce portal stones by 90% everywhere except Beluaterra
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