Author Topic: Under Debate: Troops set to evasive shouldn't attack fortifications  (Read 1329 times)


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Title: Troops set to evasive shouldn't attack fortifications
Summary: it doesn't make much sense to have troops who are evading combat, or attempting to, attack fortifications. As ot stands, if troops fail to evade in an enemy region with fortifications, they'll prefer to suicide against said forts. I mean, seriously, how are troops hiding behind a palisade going to spot troops sneaking by? Much less force them to attack.
Details: Either make it impossible for defenders to engage evasive troops when in a region with fortifications, or make them have to leave the fortifications to pursue. Restore common sense!
Benefits: Prevents immersion shattering nonsense battles.
Possible Downsides or Exploits: Could be used to force defenders to give up fortifications if it were decided to have defenders leave fortifications to engage the defenders. This could be countered by not having them engage if set to normal/defensive.
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I can already see a big downside.

If you need to get past a fortified region, you can just set your men as evasive and ignore the region and attack regions behind it if this is allowed.


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Yeah; unfortunately, due to the way the travel system and the combat system are structured, this is not at all easy to change.

The "right way" to fix it, in my view, would be to make the game understand a bit more about how you are traveling—for instance, that you arrived in the city from the region to the south, so that's the only region you can leave through unless you've managed to win a battle or there was no opposition. Or you successfully evaded.

For now, this remains as a game-balance necessity, but fixing it the way I outlined has long been one of my intentions for the game.
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