Author Topic: August 2018 Recent Changes  (Read 542 times)


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August 2018 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: August 27, 2018, 07:20:30 PM »
  • Numerous message system bugfixes (still in-progress)
  • All messages can now be marked for later
  • Allow dukes to abandon a region of their duchy to rogues
  • Allow rulers to abandon a region of their realm to rogues
  • Prevent realms conquering rogue regions if their density is lower than or equal to 1.5 (to be gradually increased over time)
  • Realms below or equal to 1.5 density will convert enemy regions to rogue when TOing them; a red warning text explaining this
  • Realms below or equal to 3.0 density have an orange warning text warning about low density and eventual limits