Author Topic: A Believer in Rines  (Read 793 times)


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A Believer in Rines
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Roleplay from Apostate
Message sent to everyone in Rines (12 recipients) - just in
Alone and forgotten, Apostate sat in a polished alcove. He was hopelessly lost in the Basilica and too proud to ask for assistance. He sat, basically sulking. He had failed. By sleeping in. He was ashamed.

The song. He heard it again. Loud and clear, boring into his skull. He got up. He followed its command.

It led him out. To the streets. He roamed as the sing willed, into an alley. Turn. He complied. And there it was, a beam of light emitting from the “Holy” Basilica. He had been given another chance. Absentmindedly, he reached for his dagger. Pain blossomed across his left palm. He droned prayers that he had not said in years. Words of the Gods taught by a greater man.

Halfway through praising the last Lord on the list, Akkan, the believer was crippled by a coughing fit. He doubled over, blood flowing from his mouth and nose. He straightened himself, wiping the blood from his face and beard as best he could.

“From the sacrifice of lifeblood unto a the salvation of a damned world, we bring the Truth, the Hope of Man, the acknowledgment of something greater. From the pain of the blade we call upon you to open the Veil, so that the Truth may spread and those who choose to remain in Ignorance may burn.”
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