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Any players?

Started by Andrew, September 12, 2018, 02:37:44 PM

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So, I'll admit some curiousity at this. Did anyone here actually buy the book and play it? Is it something that every player needs a book if they wanted to play remotely with other people?
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If you play it as a pen-and-paper game, one book for the entire group is enough. There are some sheets and playing cards that you want to either buy as well or print out yourself, and if you run a larger group (4 or more players), I recommend having two decks of cards just to make sure you have enough of each.

If you want to play remotely, I would recommend that each player should have the PDF or the book, because you will want to look a few things up and such. It is absolutely possible to play remotely if only the GM has the book, it just might put a bigger burden on the GM as when something needs to be looked up he can't just hand the book to a player and tell him to check by himself.